Rider Series: Rachael Druitt of Too Cool for School

MARCH  25, 2022

We love seeing our Beep bike accessories being used in the world and chatting with people about their beloved bikes.  So we have started the "Rider Series" in which we aim to explore the lives of everyday cyclists including designers, small business owners, chefs, families and many more interesting people.   

Today, we start the series by sitting down with Rachael Druitt, the manager of a busy and bustling kids shop in Newcastle, Australia who is the proud owner of a black hybrid mountain bike.  She also happens to love cycling, fashion and sustainbility as much as we do and so we wanted to find out a little more!

Tell us a little about you and the business you run!

I am the mum of two teenage boys and as a family we really enjoy Newcastle life...the beach, the bike trails, the city energy.  I am lucky enough to spend my work days at Too Cool For School which is an awesome little kids shop in Newcastle. We stock the most fun and unique stuff for kiddies. I love entertaining our little customers! 

Did you have your Beep Bell when you got your bike or did you get it especially?

My Beep Bell was a beautiful little detail that was added to my bike after I bought it. I ditched the boring little plastic bell that came with it for my beautiful, steel Beep Pink Bike Bell! 

 Could you talk us through what you think are the benefits of cycling?

Oh wow, I could go on and on about this! I love that by cycling to work I incorporate exercise into my day without having to carve out time at other times of the day.  Riding a bike offers a really cool sense of freedom and connection to your surroundings.  Feeling the air and smelling the flowers! As well, I like being a small part of a new, sustainable transport situation in Newy.  With rising petrol costs, more traffic, and less parking it seems a logical way to get around.  

The question we all want to know - what is your favourite outfit for riding to work and why?

Well I am definitely not fancy on the bike! I'm usually wearing something comfy like a stretchy dress over my leggings (I tend to collect fun printed leggings) but underneath there is always my bathing suit as I stop for a swim at the beach before work. Oh and of course my gold Converse!

What are your favourite things about your Beep Bicycle Bell?

I love the sound Beep bike bells make! Such a rich, satisfying ring! And the colours and designs are so awesome it's hard to choose..but I adore my pink one.  

 Next week’s blog:   Why you need a good bike bell on your bicycle.


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