Why you need a good bicycle bell on your bike.

At Beep, we get asked a lot about why you need a good bike bell.  Whether it’s a casual ride from school, an easy roll to the park, or a commute to work, you’ll need a bike bell to let everyone around you know that you are approaching.   Here are a few reasons why:


A good bike bell is a very important safety device.  Pedestrians and other cyclists on shared paths can get startled and move toward you if you suddenly and silently ride up to them.   Usually, this ends up in both parties being frustrated or even worse a crash!  A bike bell warns those on the path that you will be coming through so there are no unpleasant surprises!

Woman with beautiful flower bike bell

 A good bike bell is courteous and effective 

While some cyclists prefer to yell out to pedestrians or other cyclists, simply ringing a cheerful bike bell from an 8-10 metre distance is the better way to go.  Let’s face it, nobody likes to be yelled at which can lead to unnecessary confrontation.  


It is the law

Having a working bike bell is one of a few cycling laws that you’re going to want to pay attention to because breaking even one of these laws can come with a pretty hefty fine.   Depending on where you ride, there are cycling laws that mandate what gear you must have before you hop on a bike.  Wearing a helmet at all times and having a working bike bell or similar warning device on your handlebars is a common legal requirement.

Cool pink bike bell on black bike

 A cool bike bell adds fun and customisation

On a lighter note, some of the best bike bells add fun or style to your ride with no compromise on performance.  Want a colourful bike bell with a loud and clear ring? At Beep we have bike bells to suit everyone from adults to fussy teenagers, even your little one just starting their cycling adventures! 

Cute kids emoji bike bell 

 Riding should be a fun experience and using a bike bell to greet people along the way is a simple way to keep it a safe experience too!

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